Important Dome Network Clan Rules

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    Dome Network Clan Battle Rules

    General Clan Rules
    All Dome Network rules apply.

    All clan battles must be played on Dome Survival Games servers.

    All clan members must respect the decisions taken by the staff team.

    All clan members must be respectful towards other clans, even in third party systems, such as Skype or Discord.

    Flame wars between clans are disallowed. You must speak to a moderator should there be any issues
    Clan names must be appropriate and unique.

    In order to challenge a clan for a battle, one of the leaders of the team must propose it in the desired opponent's clan thread.

    Players cannot be members of multiple clans. Strictly one clan only.

    Should a clan leader wish to close the team or transfer the leadership, they must speak to a moderator for approval.

    Posting fake results is not allowed and will be punished severely if caught. Make sure to post every single clan battle result, no matter if it's a win or a loss. If you are found not doing so, your clan will be disbanded.

    If a clan wants to report another clan for abusing any of these rules, they must provide sufficient evidence to any Dome moderator.

    If you are caught breaking any of the rules, your clan will be disbanded or disqualified.

    Minecraft Server Clan Rules

    All Dome Network and general rules listed above apply.

    Before starting the battle all the Clan leaders must agree with the amount of participants that will be competing. Please make sure that the number of players are equal (e.g: 3vs3, 5vs5, etc.).

    Winning a clan battle implies killing every single participant of the opponent.

    Clan battles must have a Best of 3 or Best of 5 rounds format.

    Each clan is expected to have some backup members in case the participants leave during the game or will not be able to make it to the battle even if agreed to. If that is not the case, the clan will play with the remaining members and will not be able to ask for a non-clan member to take the free spots.

    Non-clan members are not allowed to participate in clan battles of such team.

    A clan member that loses connection or gets his game crashed will be eliminated from the battle.

    Each clan can postpone a clan war only once. A second postponement will be discouraged unless the server had technical issues. Should the clan postpone a battle for the second time, this will result in a forfeit.

    If a clan member is caught breaking the rules, such as hacking, abusing a bug, etc., or gets banned during the battle, the clan will receive a disqualification from the match.

    Use of alternative accounts during clan battles is disallowed and will result in a round disqualification.

    If both clans agree to have a Dome moderator spectating the game, they must use the #staff-help channel to request them.

    Teaming with non-clan members is disallowed and will result in a round disqualification.

    Should a clan member get killed by a random player during the game, it will count as an elimination.

    Should there be a random playing hacking thus breaking the game, there will be a round redo if evidence is provided and approved by the Dome moderators.

    Usage of OP items (such as the stone sword on Valleyside University, or any items found in dispensers) is prohibited during clan wars and will result in a redo if done.

    There will be a one minute grace period each round for the clan battle members. Should this rule be broken and a clan member kills another team's player, a round disqualification will be called.

    Both clans are to specify the usernames of those clan members that will be participating in an upcoming battle. Should this not occur, there will be a redo.
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