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    Dome Network Moderator Applications

    If you are willing to help out the community and make it a better place by enforcing the rules and punishing those players who break them, you are at the right place! In this post you may find all the necessary information regarding the moderator applications.

    • Must be at least 15 years old
    • Must speak English fluently
    • Must be an active member of the community
    • Ability to record and upload videos
    • Have a working microphone with decent quality
    • Have access to all of our platforms and a clean punishment history
    • Must answer all questions
    • Must have at least 650 words
    Tips & Recommendations:
    • Give long answers to questions where possible
    • Think about the answers and take the time you need to apply
    • If you don't know whether your punishment history is clean or not, you can ask a Staff member for your ban or mute history
    • Past staffing experience or being multilingual is not required, but is a good plus!
    Important notes:
    • The applications are reviewed in fully detail by the senior staff team. This means that we are only interested in quality applicants who can prove us that they are qualified and ready to moderate our servers.
    • Every requirement has a reason behind it. If you would like to know them for any reason it might be, please get in touch with a member of the senior staff team.
    • Sharing, plagiarizing or asking people to help you with the application will lead to an instant rejection of the applicant who will be subjected to a potential permanent restriction from applying in the future.
    • Do not bug any Staff members to review your application. This will affect your chances of being accepted, even if the application is decent.
    • We have ways of finding our whether the applicant is lying in any part of the application. We want you to be sincere and say only truth. If you are found lying in your petition, you are subject to a permanent restriction from applying.
    Title of the thread:
    <Username> - Moderator Application

    Copy the template, fill it and post it HERE.

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